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  • Model: LV-TN250
    Desc: Subwoofer
    Finish: Black
    Woofer: 12"
    Wattage 250 Watt
    Mounting Direct Burial Recommended

    Subwoofer Amps 250 watts

    OLE subwoofer amplifier provides nearly 1/4 kilowatt of clean, solid power
    to your home theater or music playback system. The amp's convenient
    freestanding or rack-mountable configurations make it an ideal partner for
    high-performance subwoofer speaker systems.


    • Custom tracking down-converter power supply for high efficiency
    • Class-AB output stage for clean, controlled amplification
    • Low frequency parametric EQ allows you to boost or cut to custom-tailor the
    • sound
    • Sophisticated soft clip circuitry improves headroom and protects woofers
    • Manual, auto, or triggered on/off for integration into any automated system
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