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Precise Reliability & Control

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Smart. Simple. Superior.


Bring your outdoor lighting designs to life with our new state of the art FLEX-LINK system.  LANDSCAPE VIBRATIONS, brings you the most advanced yet SIMPLE and FLEXIBLE smart phone controlled landscape lighting system available on the market today.  

There is no confusing assignment of ID#’s or pre-programming of any kind.  Simply power up any FLEX-LINK device and watch it magically appear on the screen of your FLEX-LINK app. Tap on the device and give it a name such as “Oak Tree” or “Front Path” or “Uplight” or any name you want. 


Once you have named your lights (or not) you can begin creating your masterpiece! 

Download our most current FLEX-LINK S2 app for even more versatility!

Zoning- Add lights to any group or sub-group that you desire for more precise control.

Individually change colors RGBW (Red-Green-Blue-Warm White-Cool White) 

Scenes- Save your masterpiece creations to the scenes page in app for instantaneous recaall  at the touch of a button on your phone.  Christmas, Party, Daily Use, 50% dim, Game day, Midnight, the options are limitless! 

Create “Favorite Colors” and save in your app for use as your mood dictates.  

Astronomical Timing- Set on/off times at sunset to sunrise based on your location and utilize any combination of ON at sunrise , OFF at Midnight, etc.  

Note:  Smart Phone app must be opened and connected to lights periodically in order to keep Astro-Timer updated.

Flex-Link Network Manager allows the installer to manage multiple locations from a single smartphone, switch from job to job with a single tap of a network.  It also serves as password protection so access to control of lights is limited to those with the correct network.   

Once job has been set up with names, zones, scenes, and schedules, the network data can be instantly transferred to the clients phone via email or WiFi.  This data can then be saved as a backup file in case phone is lost or damaged.  


FLEX-LINK Bluetooth Mesh technology is an incredible new type of Bluetooth.   The connectivity is seamless and requires no “Pairing” whatsoever.  When in range, your smart phone automatically connects (much like your home or office WI-FI.)  There is no endless pairing and re-pairing of devices.  

  • Dimming- Dim any individual or group of lights to your desired brightness. 

  • Scene Scheduling- Program scenes for specific times, such as 50% dim at 1am, or all soft blue at 9 pm or Party Scene on weekends.   

  • Roll through preset colors with cool features like “Rainbow Breath” and many others. 

  • Warm Dimming

8W Potted Engine 





Extenders: Wall, Ceiling or Stake Mount

Purpose: To enhance signal as needed.

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