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Why copper and brass for construction?


Copper is a natural metal that has a time tested immunity to oxidation. It has been used for centuries in many applications where it was vital that rust and corrosion would not effect its function. It has survived unchanged since the beginning of time with the exception of turning a natural "Patina" or "Verde" color.


Brass is an alloy derived from copper and has the same corrosion resistant properties. Copper and Brass can never rust, rot, or corrode, even in the harshest outdoor environments. This is why these metals are really the only choice for outdoor lighting. We've all seen what happens to many other types of outdoor fixtures that have been in the garden for any length of time, they have either rotted away to dust or the painted finishes are virtually non-existent.


Landscape Vibrations stands behind our unbeatable lifetime warranty for all of our solid copper and brass fixtures. This warranty also extends to our chemical finishes which are NOT a paint or powder coat. All of our chemical finishes are basically an accelerated form of what would happen naturally, given enough time. While natural patina starts in a bronze color and then changes to Verde, our process can also create "rusty" looking elements or even black as well.


Copper and Brass are not just for "Coastal Environments." In modern landscape conditions with constant irrigation, fertilizer, and soil amendments, a coastal environment is created in almost every garden. Hardly anything will survive these harsh surroundings but you can trust Landscape Vibrations fixtures and finishes to remain beautiful and functional until the end of time!

• Matte Bronze - Like an oil rubbed bronze with a living patina, our most popular finish.

• Satin Brass - A slightly raw brushed brass look which will patina over time.

• Black - This is actually a darker version of matte BRONZE better than paint.

• Raw Copper - No finish at all, clean and shiny when new, aging at it's own pace.

State of the Art PVD - Superior to Stainless Steel! 

Landscape Vibrations is offering new state of the art PVD finishes (physical vapor deposition) which is a manufacturing process that creates a very durable finish that looks like highly polished Chrome, Graphite, or Satin Nickel.  Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a process that produces a metal vapor which is deposited on electrically conductive materials. The result is a thin, highly adhered, pure metal or alloy coating. The process is carried out in a vacuum chamber, at high vacuum, using a cathodic arc source. PVD finish is commonly used for bathroom fixtures, exterior door knobs and other hardware that needs to be highly weather resistant, which is why it works perfectly for landscape lighting. Salt resistant, scratch resistant, and-water resistant keeps the PVD finish looking new for many years and is guaranteed not to patina in any outdoor environment.

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